Friday, February 2, 2018

Baby Bupu, our 8th One Day Dig, just released!

A rampaging Rubble Troll
A village in crisis
A quest for answers undertaken

While making their way to the far off ancient metropolis to undertake their next dig, the excavators come across a village in chaos. Their guardian, A rubble troll, seems to have gone mad, and ransacks the countryside, ruining the crops, damaging the houses and causing great worry among the inhabitants of Alnwick.

With pleas for help, and a sizable offer of silver, the villagers recruit the passing diggers to discoverer the truth behind the behavior of the mutant monster - a normally peaceful monster that keeps away those that would eagerly wipe out the community if given half a chance.

What perils and pitfalls await the adventurers as they investigate the countryside around the tiny farming town, and who or what is responsible for this calamity?

This is our 8th One Day Dig, written by Tim Schuster, and is a Pay What You Want adventure suitable for both new and experienced players using characters of 1st or 2nd rank and can be placed in the Crossroads Region or the Game Master's own setting. It includes 2 maps, 14 illustrations, and is 14 pages in length. Stand by, Epochians, for yet more post-apocalyptic gaming goodness from Outland Arts.

Gumroad (where we earn 95% commission and you get the same download!)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Coming Tomorrow, Friday February 2nd 2018, 

One Day Dig 8:: Baby Bupu 
by Tim Schuster!

Here is the hand painted 8x11" acrylic cover art


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Gel-Bak Alert:: New Creature of the Apocalypse sighted!

Even during expeditions into the ruins, always pack some wine and beer to trade – it could save your life!

Our 21st Creature of the Apocalypse is here. This Pay What You Want, 10 page mutant freak can either be a cunning and brutish opponent, but at other times – so long as the travelers have booze to trade - can provide them with excellent intel on the local ruins or nearby wasteland.

For those of you who have collected the first thirteen free critters, you'll notice two things.
First, where are creatures 14 to 20, you ask? Well, they're included in the Creatures of the Apocalypse Codex, a for purchase book (pdf $9.99, print $19.99) which includes the 13 free critters, plus the Muto Harpy (members only creature) plus 6 all new, highly detailed freaks including The Walking Mouther, Rubble Troll, Snaykin, Nubinz, Apocalypse Moth and the Spider Lord. Curious? See it here.

Secondly,we've pushed this PDF as a 'Pay What You Want' release, and while most people grab such online content on a try before you buy, 'free' basis, we hope that if you like what you see you can throw some coins in our tip jar.

Stay tuned for future releases for The Mutant Epoch RPG. Next up is a One Day Dig by Tim Schuster called Baby Bapu.

Here is the link to the Gel-Bak free PDF:


Happy Gaming,
            William McAusland
Creator of The Mutant Epoch RPG

Friday, November 24, 2017

I was on a Podcast this week!

I just appeared on the Views from the Outer Rim podcast with Clive and Justin. Its a star Wars themed gaming podcast that just started up, but aims to cover all sorts of tabletop games, as well as books and films. 

I hate my voice, but this experience has made me want to take another look at doing a podcast once the Expansion Rules and the TME novel series are done.

To listen on iTunes or SoundCloud

follow them on twitter right here:

Sunday, October 1, 2017

UPDATE from the Outland Arts Studio of Mayhem!

As posted on my G+ page and facebook (links below sketch)

Working on everything  all at once, it seems.
Going to GenCon50 put a fire under my ass! Yikes, its a Creative Storm!

We got the Expansion Rules book in the works, more free Creatures of the Apocalypse coming, Handcrafted Dungeon Tiles Caves sets 1 & 2) on the gaming table, original acrylic paintings on the easel, 28mm miniature painting on the go, TME paper miniatures all over the wall, and the Mutant Epoch Novel series nearing completion.  But right now, here is the cover sketch for eh first of a couple upcoming One Day Dig adventures for The Mutant Epoch RPG. This one was written by Timothy Schuster and comes with a bonus character portfolio of either NPCs or ready play PCs. 

Stay tuned, Epochians! There is tons coming your way!
Regards, William 'Mutant Lord' McAusland



Oh, I'm also on instagram now and quite enjoying it, although there's lots of non-rpg or non-TME stuff there, too, like photos and vid clips from trips and stuff:

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Mutant Epoch RPG Quick Start Rules just released!

Hello Epochians,
Like so many projects I undertake, I imagined crafting a playable set of Quick Start Rules and short two or three page intro adventure would take about a month. This project has ballooned to take well over a year (off and on) and now includes Muddy Mayhem, a 42 page adventure! So now instead of a short supplement, it has become book 10 in the Mutant Epoch RPG line, and I am stoked about the end result.

For those of you who already have the TME hub rules, don't worry, the adventure and downloadable 8 Pre-Gen characters are all fully compatible with the quick start rules, and visa versa. Also, you can freely download and share several variants of the QSR, including a printer friendly rules only version that is a mere 2.5mb in size and perfect to send to new players prior-to game night, or hand out at a convention.

What follows is the blurb you might come across if you follow The Mutant Epoch on G+, Twitter, facebook or other venues, as well as our site where we've set up a public page with all the links, downloads and goodies associated with this release:

Now that it is done, my creative time will now be divided between the completion of Season One of the Mutant Epoch Novel series, and the much anticipated The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules.

Seasons Greetings to you all and look forward to more frequent posting here in coming weeks as I aim to turn this blog into a creator's journal instead of merely an announcement stage.

Will McAusland

The Mutant Epoch RPG Quick Start Rules have arrived!

Dive into post-apocalyptic adventure with the Mutant Epoch Quick Start Rules!
Gritty, gonzo and fast paced, The Mutant Epoch RPG uses the Outland System to give life to a vibrant, well supported game! Jump into a twisted, freak infested world.
Welcome to the year 2364 AD.

See a 9 page PDF demo right here

These Quick Start Rules include everything you need to test drive the game mechanic and explore the universe of The Mutant Epoch. This is our 10th major release for this independent, lavishly illustrated and growing game and setting. It proceeds the coming release in 2017 of The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules.

This is it, the long overdue introductory kit to TME RPG. Everything you need to start playing is now available in a free PDF, including a 42 page, low rank adventure called Muddy Mayhem. This free PDF offers 20 mutations, 10 skills and 10 cybernetic implants, along with 3 character types: Pure stocks, mutants and cyborgs, plus 10 creatures, 10 relics and easy to learn, trimmed down rules. Also included are two rules only versions of this QSR book for your players; a fully linked color PDF for use on a tablet or computer, and a printer friendly grayscale version. Contained in the download are the handy reference sheets, character sheet, player handouts, Maps, and eight pre-gen QSR crafted player characters.

This is our 10th major release for this independent, lavishly illustrated and growing game and setting. It precedes the coming release in 2017 of The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules.

Here are a few images of what's included

Monday, August 15, 2016

Will the Expansion Books Rules by separate or part of the Hub Rules?

In Response to a question on the TME forums by Redworm:: Will the Expansion Books Rules by separate or part of the Hub Rules?

Hello from the wastes,

 Been on a road trip, and seem to have endured back to back expeditions for months now.

As far as the Expansion Rules and the Hub Rules go, no, they will not be combined into one book. This is a great question!
The Expansion Rules is going to have a larger page count than the hub rules, although might have the same density of content only because I want to ensure that the font is bigger. Plus, there will of course be tons of art, and I wanted to make much of it larger, too.

I am really impressed with the community growing here on the forum and am amazed at the content you all are creating. Also, want to thank all of you more experienced players for answering questions for new arrivals to the wasteland. I am often unable to get on here, but aim to spend more time commenting and adding art in September when I am back in civilization more often. We camp a lot, and often there is no web access. Rest assured I am drawing and even inking around the campfire, and crafting rules and adventures on my ipad and laptop whenever possible. Today, taking a ferry from Vancouver Island to the mainland, I drew another take on the gross and mysterious Parasite character type.

Working hard in the hinterlands,
Thanks for the support and enthusiasm you've all shown, and welcome to new members!